6th Street Playhouse is committed to offering a School of Drama that benefits our community through classes–for all ages and all levels of experience–that support the fundamental aspects of a healthy society which acknowledges our humanity: connection, discovery, expression, and voice. 

We work to create a learning environment that honors our shared experiences and celebrates our differences, making the School of Drama a theatrical community where expression liberates, judgment dissolves, and we all grow through exploration of the human condition.


Beginning Improv: Jan. 6-Mar. 9
Intermediate Improv: Jan. 6-Mar. 10
Beginning Acting: Jan. 7-Mar. 10
Intermediate Acting: Jan. 8-Mar. 11
Scene Study: Jan. 5-Mar. 8


Teen Improv: Jan. 9-Mar.12
Winter Break Theatre Lab: Jan. 2-5
Apprentice Musical: Jan. 7-Mar.11


Improv & Circus
     Ages 7-12: Jan. 6-Mar. 9
     Ages 9-14: Jan. 6-Mar. 9
Apprentice Musical: Jan. 7-Mar. 11

School Break Programs

Winter Break Theatre Lab: Jan. 2-5

Summer Musical Camps

Teen Musical
Kid Musical


Enriched Theatre Arts
     Ages 7-10: Jan. 17-May 29
     Ages 11-15: Jan. 17-May 29

Field Trips & School Visits

Backstage Tour: by arrangement
Custom Programs: by arrangement


Juliet Noonan
Director of Education
(707) 523-4185 ext.122 (message box only)