Enriched Theatre Arts Program for Homeschoolers

Theatre is more than actors pretending to be someone else. In theatre, society examines itself and views the issues that confront our culture. We can then be more aware and effective citizens.

In theatre arts, participants interact with others of various ages, backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs–opening them up to a new set of opinions and ideas. This promotes understanding, tolerance, and empathy.

Topics of Study

  • Art Sketchbook and Journaling - Reflective writing about character, day books
  • Literature Circles - Read plays, discuss elements of story-making, critical analysis
  • Performance Skills - Acting, improvising, stage combat, red nose clowning, circus skills, dance, vocal exercises, acrobatic yoga, warm up games and more!
  • Theatre Production - Costuming, lighting, sound design, props and set design

Guest Teaching Artists 

  • Offering classes in acrobatic yoga, stage combat, circus skills, dance & singing

Final Performance and Outreach Program 

  • The ensemble will explore, then produce every aspect of a play they choose. The ensemble will stage their production in the Studio theatre for friends and family. There may be opportunities to tour with the production to local school classrooms.

Goals and Benefits to Homeschoolers 

  • Supports passion for life long learning and encourages natural curiosity
  • Challenges intellect and increases self-confidence in public speaking
  • Fosters emotional growth, team building and communication skills in an ensemble
  • Increases self knowledge, self-expression, and self- empowerment
  • Become tolerant, empathic, globally aware citizens as they examine local and world cultures through play. 

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