A Unique Opportunity for Giving

A unique opportunity continues to exist to stabilize and sustain the company into the future. Two categories of giving by individuals, families and groups, offer donors and supporters a chance to make a difference in 6th Street’s future and be recognized in a way that will never be forgotten: The Landmark and Legacy Circles.

The Landmark and Legacy Circles – The Founders

6th Street Playhouse is asking for significant multiyear, structured donations, called The Landmark and Legacy Circles, to be recognized and celebrated in perpetuity. This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to make a huge difference in the future of one of the North Bay’s longest-running and most important theatres. The Landmark Circle recognizes donors who make commitments in the $1000-4999 range. The Legacy Circle recognizes commitments in the range of $5000 and up. Both circles will comprise those donors who wish to demonstrate a lasting commitment to the stability and sustainability of this unique arts organization. This designation will state the donors are “Founders” of these circles. Other great important theatres around the U.S. have received this kind of unique and important support and 6th Street Playhouse knows that in order to join the nation’s sustaining theatre companies this kind of commitment and support is required.

For this truly remarkable generosity, 6th Street Playhouse will recognize this group of extraordinary donors in all of our materials, including all programs, our website, and organizational materials as the Founders of the Landmark and Legacy Circles. The recognition is simply our way of saying “Thank You” to those who participate in this great opportunity to stabilize and sustain us into the future and to recognize them in perpetuity. Your generosity will be a landmark moment and will establish a legacy for the community and will set the bar for all charitable giving to follow. In addition to this recognition, Circle members will receive special behind-the-scenes tours, 2 tickets to any show of the season (space available) and priority invitations and seating for all upcoming special events at 6th Street.

Whether as an individual, a family, or a special group, please join us as a Landmark or Legacy Circle member. The window to join is limited yet the impact is immense. Help put 6th Street Playhouse on the regional map as an important center of theatre excellence.

Legacy Circle Members

Dorothy Beattie & Stephanie Willinger
Michael & Karen Bergin
Kathy Horan
Jacquin Family
Scott & Rene Lummer
Bill & Nancy Morgan
Tim & Pam Zainer
Red Shoes Gallery

Landmark Circle Members

Robert & Carolyn Anschicks
David & Sharon Beckman
Scott & Mavis Buginas
Walter & Kathryn Clark
Jeff & Jenifer Cote’
Dan & Connie Earl
Ted & Peggy Elliott
Joseph Favalora & Dr. J. Davis Mannino
Dr. Richard & Barbara Ferrington
Ed Flowers & Jan Gullarian
Janet Gavagan
David Gray & Vrenae Sutphin
Bo & Janet Kirschen
Freida Lummer
Dr. Darrell Luperini & Chantal Vogel
Eva Martin

Dennis Marvin
Mike & Shiela McQuillen
Monte Mentry
Barbara Moulton & Tom Helm
Norts-Vozaitis Family
John & Kirsten Olney
Stephan & Lynn Olsen
Virginia Pitts
Harry & Linda Reid
Harry & Dee Richardson
Sudha Schlesinger
Spencer Sherman & Janine Sternlieb
Wayne Smith & Michael Fargo
Joann Stimson
David & Vicki Stollmeyer
Laurie Upjohn
Larry & Kim Williams


(707) 523-4185 (ext 103)