Want to be in on the action at the Playhouse? Volunteer!

Volunteers enjoy being a part of the 6th Street community, make new friends, get to see shows for free or a discount, and help ensure live theater continues in Santa Rosa!

Roles incluse:

Usher or House Manager
Set building
Fundraising Events
...and more!

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Why I volunteer by 6th Street Volunteers...

"The art and magic of the theater connects us as a community, allows us to grow into new ideas and brings beauty into the world. What could be more vital in these times?  Volunteering at 6th Street Playhouse allows me to ensure that it continues to thrive and to inspire."  Kismet W.

"Getting to meet new people and see great shows keeps me coming back to usher year after year!"  10 year volunteer usher

"Just the other day someone said something that really resonated with me. "People need to hear stories, real and make believe". Volunteering gives me the opportunity to help this amazing theater flourish and be able to watch people bring life to stories, whether they are beginning their journey or well on their way."  Christina S.

"Being a part of a thriving theater community keeps me young!"  Long time House Manager

"Using my seamstress skills and seeing my work in the costumes on stage makes me so happy!"  Costume Shop Volunteer

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