Rental Use

G.K. Hardt Theatre       
Auditorium: 184 seats    
Stage 30' wide x 44' deep
Lobby 22' wide x 39' long
$750 (4 hr. min)

Lobby only                 
Stand up reception: 110 people
22' wide x 39' long

Monroe Stage
Auditorium: 99 seats   
$500 (4 hr. min)

Sound system (24 ch Mackie board / Renkus-Heinz) 
Rental of Sound system includes technician (4 hours)
Theatrical lighting system 
Note: Rental of Lighting system includes technician (4 hours)
Sound or Lighting technician (additional per hour rate)$40
High Speed Internet Connection$100
Wired Intercom, Base station w/headphone$50
Additional Intercom Belt Packs w/headphone$20
Concessions will be provided by the 6th Street Concessionaire when requested and available.  All proceeds benefit the 6th Street PlayhouseN/C


Noelle LaMark
Operations Assistant
(707) 523-4185