The Rocky Horror Show

By Richard O'Brien

That sweet transvestite, Frankenfurter, and his motley crew return in the original stage musical that inspired the 1975 cult classic film – and generations of fans who have memorized every line, every lyric, and every dance move. All here, with a live cast of your favorite Transylvanian characters and featuring all of the songs we know and love, including “Dammit Janet,” “The Time Warp,” “Hot Patootie,” and “Toucha Toucha Touch Me!” This deliberately kitschy rock ‘n’ roll sci fi gothic is more fun than ever. So, Dammit Janet – get your tickets!

The Rocky Horror Show is a non-subscriber event and is not included in the 2015-2016 subscription packages. 

Studio Theatre

Oct 23 - Nov 14, 2015

EXTENDED - Performances Added: Nov 13 & 14