A North Bay Premiere 

By Nick Payne
Directed by Juliet Noonan
Starring Melissa Claire and Jared Wright

Fresh off an extended run in Los Angeles after its American premiere on Broadway in 2015, the Playhouse is thrilled to present this brilliant young British playwright’s highly sought-after and extremely imaginative love story.

Marianne is a theoretical physicist who spends more time analyzing data than socializing. Roland is a charming, down-to-earth beekeeper.

In their unlikely first encounter lies a lifetime of endlessly branching possibilities with seemingly mundane choices that will catapult them into wholly different lives.

They are pushed together and split apart: maybe they their love lasts forever, or maybe it’s cut tragically short. get engaged, or maybe they marry other people; maybe their love lasts forever, or maybe it’s cut tragically short. As time and space bend around them they navigate the strange and sometimes cruel turns of fate, and of roads not taken.

Inspired by the scientific theory of ‘multiverses’—that for every choice there’s an alternate universe created where the opposite choice became reality—at its heart this beguiling love story is about the all too familiar refrain: ‘if only.’


Studio Theatre

Sep 8 - Sep 24, 2017


Fri & Sat at 7:30  
Sun at 2:00:

Thurs at 7:30 
Sat at 2:00:*

General $28
Senior (62+) $25
Under 30   $18

General $25
Senior $22
Under 30   $18



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