Virtual Performance Information


Q. What is a Virtual Seat and how many do I need?
A. Our virtual seats represent the number of people in your household watching the show on a single device. It is a single ticket. Should you wish to watch on multiple devices you would need to purchase multiple virtual seats.  

Q. What if I want to buy a ticket for a friend?
If you are buying a ticket as a gift, you may "Send to a Friend" when you receive your ticket via email. You will find this in the upper right hand corner of your e-ticket or in a button in your ticket confirmation. Once you send it to a friend, it may not be used by anyone other than the person you have shared it with. You will not be able to use the ticket as well, so if you would like to share the experience with a friend outside of your household please purchase multiple tickets.

Q. How will I receive my ticket?
Once purchased, your ticket, which includes the unique access link/webpage connected to your account will be emailed to you.


Q. What is live streaming and how do I watch the show?
A. Live streaming is a live taping of a performance, just like watching a sporting event or concert, where the footage from our 5 cameras is streamed directly to you at home.

In order to watch the performance you need a device that can receive an email. Smart phone, tablet, computer, or smart tv.

Once you have purchased your ticket for one of our performances, you will receive an email with your ticket. Remember to save this confirmation email since this is your ticket for the show. Your performance link will only work on one device.

On the day of the event:

1. Open your saved confirmation in your email.

2.  Click on the blue rectangle that says “Watch Video” in the "Confirmation Details" section.

3. The event viewing page will appear! Hit “ENTER” or "PLAY" to start.

4.  Watch the show on the device you opened the email with or if possible cast the live stream show to your TV.

Q. How does the Live Stream or On Demand work?

A. When you purchase your ticket through VBO you will be sent a confirmation email with your virtual ticket. On the ticket there will be an icon that looks like the ticket image below. Click on that icon and it will open up the live stream event on Vimeo or On Demand recording.

Q. What devices can I watch the Live Stream or On Demand on?

A. You can watch on any device that has access to the internet. You will access the event through your emailed ticket, so it's important to remember to start there. You can watch directly on your iphone, laptop, or tablet. You can also screen cast to a television or download the Vimeo app to your smart TV.

Our live stream is hosted through Vimeo. Learn more about watching Vimeo streams using Smart TVs, iOS/Apple Mobile Device App, Android App, Android TV App, Apple TV App, Chromecast, Roku Channel, Amazon Fire TV App, XBOX App, and Samsung TV App.

We recommend that if using you are streaming through your laptop/device to the tv that you use an HDMI cable to connect to your TV for better audio/visual quality.