Masterpiece of Comic Timing

A Bay Area Premiere

By Robert Caisley

New York producer Jerry Cobb has invested all his money commissioning Nebraska Jones' next play.  Banking on Jones' critical reputation and momentum for having written a “Masterpiece of Comic Timing” with his recent Broadway debut, Cobb is disheartened to find his playwright suffering from a severe case of depression.  What happens when you've paid for the next hit comedy, but what's coming out of the typewriter is tragedy?  In this "vintage" screwball comedy skewering an artistic life in the theatre, the line between comedy and drama comes under hilarious scrutiny and is found to be much narrower-and sillier-than you'd think.

Studio Theatre

May 12 - May 28, 2017


Fri & Sat at 8:00  
Sun at 2:00:

Thurs at 7:30 
Sat at 2:00:*

General $26
Senior (62+) $21
Youth (13-21) $21
Children (5-12) $10 

General $21
Senior $16
Youth $16
Children $10

*May 27.