Magical Play! Creative Dramatics | #420 (Ages 5-6)

Instructor: Alexandra Moore

A joyful, magical class kids (and parents) love!

A playful after-school class to help your young one gain confidence, communication and team building skills. By combing circus, costumes, storytelling, acrobatics, singing and acting the children will creatively act out stories in a world of imaginary characters taken from modern popular dramas to international fables. They’ll face heroic adventures, overcome mighty challenges and arrive at their own morals through improvised, colorful stories. In the last class the children will present what they’ve learned to friends and family.

September 10–November 12, Mondays 2:45–3:45 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall
Tuition: $145

Improvisation and Circus Theater | #422 (Ages 7-12)

Instructor: Alexandra Moore

Explore your wildest dreams!

At its heart theater is playful, giving you a chance to explore your wildest dreams and craziest fantasies. In this class, you’ll learn how to express your imagination and use your heart, body, and mind to create scenes, monologues and more. Going with the flow, saying “yes” and having fun are the main goals in this light-hearted course. Class time will be chock-full of energetic theater games and you’ll even get a chance to dabble in the circus arts, where joy is paramount.

September 10–November 12, Mondays 3:30–4:30 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall
Tuition: $145

Beginning Improvisation | #424 (Ages 7-12)

Instructor: Juliet Noonan

Say “yes” to your creativity, your imagination, your ideas!

This class invites you to trust your imagination, expand your creativity, learn collaboration and empathy and develop the essential interpersonal skills and confidence as you express, create and PLAY! Come join the fun as we explore many engaging improvisation and creative movement activities! The final class will be an ‘improv showcase’ performance for your family and friends.

September 11–November 13, Tuesdays 4–5 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall
Tuition: $145

Adventures in Theatre | #426 (Ages 7-12)

Instructor: Lillian Myers

Improvisation. Clowning. Scriptwriting.

In this really fun and engaging class you’ll learn all about different kinds of theatre—improv, clowning (yes, that’s theatre too!) and how to write a script—using humor, costumes, storytelling and more. Take risks, play, explore! You’ll gain confidence and learn the very important skill of working with your classmates as part of a team. This is a magical class with lots of joy! In the last class you’ll have the opportunity to present what you’ve learned to friends and family.

September 13–November 15, Thursdays 4–5:30 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall
Tuition: $215

NEW: Fundamentals of Musical Theatre | #428 (Ages 7-12)

Instructor: Eileen Nagle

Can’t stop singing? Love to dance? Want to be on stage?

In this fun-filled class you’ll explore and develop essential skills for musical theatre. Using solo and group songs from the Disney classics you’ll learn about character development with songs, vocal basics of rhythm, volume, and harmony and the fundamentals of movement on a stage. You’ll also work with a choreographer on creative movement and dancing. If you’ve ever wondered what musical theater is like or want to hone up your skills, this class is for you!

September 14–November 16, Fridays 4–5:30 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall
Tuition: $245 (Includes materials)


Lennie Dean
Education Associate

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How to Register:

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  • In person during box office hours
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Classes require a 50% deposit at registration.  Tuition is due in full by the first day of class.  Limited scholarships and payment plans are available (Scholarship Application); contact




We understand that you may find a class is not what you expected, or that life circumstances may change after you enroll. If you choose to withdraw, you may submit written notification prior to the second class. A $25 processing fee will be applied to defer costs plus prorate for classes attended.  A check for the remaining balance will be sent in approximately two weeks  There will be no make-up classes or refunds for missed classes.