Enriched Theater Arts Program for Homeschoolers

2019-20 School Year Program

Theater is more than actors pretending to be someone else. In theater, society examines itself and views the issues that confront our culture. We can then be more aware and effective citizens.

In theater arts participants interact with others of various ages, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, opening them up to a new set of opinions and ideas. This promotes understanding, tolerance and empathy.

Fall Semester

#201 Growing Through Theater (Ages 7-10):
Fridays, 10-1:30 September 13-December 20 (14 Classes)
No class: Nov. 25-29th Fall Break
Tuition: $420

#301 Learning Through Theater (Ages 11-16):
Thursdays, 10-2:30 September 12 - December 19 (14 Classes)
No class: Nov. 25-29th Fall Break
Tuition: $570

About the Homeschool Program

Learn about dates, program content, tuition info and more here.

For questions, please contact:
Juliet Noonan
Director of Education

(707)523-4185 ext.122 (message box only)