Beginning Improvisation | #348

Instructor: Matlock Zumsteg

Take the Plunge!

Improvisation is a form of theatre storytelling where the entire story is being created at the very moment it is performed. Being good at improv is not acting talent in the conventional sense, but more a capacity for being fully attentive and ‘in the moment’ with your fellow actors. Enthusiasm and willingness matter most! Come and experience what happens when you get a bunch of strangers to faithfully follow the rules of the game. And the rules are brilliant: they let magic emerge from a story people build together. This beginning class will teach you all the basic rules while exercising those rules. In the last class you’ll share your new skills with an invited audience.

April 1-June 3, Mondays 7:15–9 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 14 student maximum
Tuition: $245

Intermediate Improvisation | #350

Instructor: Matlock Zumsteg

Dive Deeper!

Picking up where Beginning Improvisation left off, this intermediate class will give you a more challenging range of games to further hone your newly developed skills. Playing with others who are also learning to stand on their own two feet will gently raise the bar and give you a deeper understanding of what we know about creating scenes and characters together. The class will also introduce you to the principles of long-form improvised storytelling. Completing Beginning Improvisation or having a working knowledge of the fundamentals of improvisation will ensure you benefit fully from this class. In the last class you’ll share your new skills with an invited audience.

April 1-June 3, Mondays 5:15–7 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 14 students maximum
Tuition: $245

Beginning Acting for Adults | #352

Instructor: Lennie Dean

Curious if you have what it takes to be an actor?

First of all, it takes courage! Sign up for this class and you have already taken the first step in your exploration. In this class you will explore your potential with basic acting exercises. You will ‘warm up’ with simple physical and vocal exercises. You will be instructed in basic ‘stage terms’ you need to know; the language a director gives you to move about the stage. Using classic acting exercises, you will be introduced to what it means to be ‘in the moment’. Building on the first half of the class, you will then be given a monologue to apply the basic tools you have explored. By the end of this class you will have a clear and specific sense of what it takes to be an actor.

April 4–June 6, Thursdays 10 AM–1 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 12 student maximum
Tuition: $395

Staged Reading Production Workshop | #354

Instructor: Lennie Dean

Rehearse and perform a ‘staged reading’!*

This staged reading production workshop is designed for the intermediate/advanced actor who is ready to move from classroom monologues and scene work to performance of a ‘staged reading’ before an audience. A ‘staged reading’ is a performance where you will have script in hand, minimal blocking, costumes and lighting. You will rehearse a selected contemporary play thoroughly, starting with table work where you will learn about the author and structure of the play, moving on to character development and blocking. Essentially you receive the experience of what it is like to act in a play without the generally required six weeks, Monday through Friday 6 – 10PM rehearsal period.

*Casting is limited! Acceptance into the staged reading production workshop is by consent of the instructor only! Please email Lennie Dean @ education@6thstreetplayhouse indicating your interest. Not all interested will be accepted into the program due to requirements of the number of characters the play requires.

April 2–June 4, Tuesdays 10 AM–1 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall
Tuition: $395

Scene Study | #356

Instructor: Lennie Dean

Sharpen your acting chops with contemporary plays!

This class is designed for the intermediate/advanced actor. You will receive two scenes during this ten week course from contemporary plays. The class will include exploring scene structure within the play, character development, and how to make ‘high stake’ dramatic choices in your development of character. You will also be exposed to new plays. The class will culminate in a presentation for invited audiences on the last day of class, Wednesday June 5.

April 3–June 5, Wednesdays 6 PM–9 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 12 student maximum
Tuition: $395


Lennie Dean
Interim Education Director

(707)523-4185 ext.122 (message box only)

How to Register:

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  • Mail completed registration form to
    52 W 6th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.
  • Fax completed registration form to
    707 523-3544.
  • In person during box office hours
    1:00 - 4:00 Tuesday - Friday, or
    11:00 - 2:00 Saturday.


Classes require a 50% deposit at registration.  Tuition is due in full by the first day of class.  Limited scholarships and payment plans are available (Scholarship Application); contact 


We understand that you may find a class is not what you expected, or that life circumstances may change after you enroll. If you choose to withdraw, you may submit written notification prior to the second class. A $35 processing fee will be applied to defer costs plus prorate for classes attended.  A check for the remaining balance will be sent in approximately two weeks  There will be no make-up classes or refunds for missed classes.