Adult Fall 2019 Session

Intermediate Improvisation | #351

Instructor: Matlock Zumsteg
Dive Deeper!

Picking up where Beginning Improvisation left off, this intermediate class will give you a more challenging range of games to further hone your newly developed skills. Playing with others who are also learning to stand on their own two feet will gently raise the bar and give you a deeper understanding of what we know about creating scenes and characters together. The class will also introduce you to the principles of long-form improvised storytelling. Completing Beginning Improvisation or having a working knowledge of the fundamentals of improvisation will ensure you benefit fully from this class. In the last class you’ll share your new skills with an invited audience.

September 9-November 11, Mondays 5:15–7 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 14 student maximum
Tuition: $245

Beginning Improvisation | #349

Instructor: Matlock Zumsteg
Take the Plunge!

Improvisation is a form of theatre storytelling where the entire story is being created at the very moment it is performed. Being good at improv is not acting talent in the conventional sense, but more a capacity for being fully attentive and ‘in the moment’ with your fellow actors. Enthusiasm and willingness matter most! Come and experience what happens when you get a bunch of strangers to faithfully follow the rules of the game. And the rules are brilliant: they let magic emerge from a story people build together. This beginning class will teach you all the basic rules while exercising those rules. In the last class you’ll share your new skills with an invited audience.

September 9-November 11, Mondays 7:15–9 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 14 student maximum
Tuition: $245

Beginning Acting for Adults | #353

Instructor: Lennie Dean
Curious if you have what it takes to be an actor?

First of all, it takes courage! Sign up for this class and you have already taken the first step in your exploration. In this class you will explore your potential with basic acting exercises. You will ‘warm up’ with simple physical and vocal exercises. You will be instructed in basic ‘stage terms’ you need to know; the language a director gives you to move about the stage. Using classic acting exercises, you will be introduced to what it means to be ‘in the moment’. Building on the first half of the class, you will then be given a monologue to apply the basic tools you have explored. By the end of this class you will have a clear and specific sense of what it takes to be an actor.

September 10-November 12, Tuesdays 10-1 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 12 student maximum
Tuition: $395

Scene Study | #357

Instructor: Lennie Dean
Sharpen your skills with contemporary plays!

In this intermediate/advanced scene study class you will work with several partners exploring  two person exercises giving you a base of craft information you can utilize for all productions. You will be assigned at least two scenes during this ten week course The class will include exploring scene structure within the play, character development, and how to make ‘high stake’ dramatic choices in your development of character relationships. You will also be exposed to new plays. The class will culminate in a presentation for invited audiences on the last day of class.

September 11-November 13, Wednesdays 6 PM–9 PM (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 12 student maximum
Tuition: $395

New Class! Viola Spolin Technique Class | #352

Instructor: Al Kaplan
“The heart of improvisation is transformation.” -Viola Spolin

This class utilizes Viola Spolin’s techniques to benefit you as an actor, director, teacher or anyone interested in learning about theatre through a fun, and engaging method to solve problems and hone performance skills!! The Spolin method or “Game Theatre” provides an experiential approach to problem solving, and performance objectives. This eight week course will be taught by our esteemed instructor Al Kaplan.
About the Instructor: Al Kaplan worked directly with Paul Sills (Viola Spolin’s Son) and trained in Story Theatre at the Body Politic in Chicago. Kaplan is a very experienced actor and director in the Bay Area.

September 13- November 8 (No Class on October 11), Fridays 4-6pm (8 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 15 student maximum
Tuition: $200

Scene Study for Adult Actors: Beginners to Intermediate #347

Instructor: Jess Headington
Explore Acting; Learn what it takes!

This ten-week scene study class gives you room to explore the fundamentals of acting in a supported and nurturing workshop environment. You will practice the craft of character development and learn techniques to create truthful performances with ease and spontaneity. By using scenes from exciting and fresh new plays, you will gain a broader appreciation for contemporary and emerging playwrights. Final class will culminate into a show case production.

September 15-November 17, Sundays 5-7pm (10 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 14 student maximum
Tuition: $245

Me Too Workshop for Women | #360

Instructor: Alexandra Moore
Me Too: Spoken STORIES

Are you ready for your story to be told? Are you ready for others to witness you as you unravel the tale you have been holding in for so long?

This workshop is for women who are ready to tell their “Me Too” stories and be witnessed by other women with their own stories to share. In this workshop you will get to drop in and find the voice that has been waiting to be heard. You will write the monologue of your story as well as explore how it still lives in your life. By telling your story, you heal yourself and others. From this we will create a body of written performance art that can help our world heal and raise consciousness.

It is an experimental space. Sensitivity and awareness of our own emotional state is essential. This is not therapy and is not intended to be so, but it may be healing on a very deep level. All participants must take responsibility for their own needs and respect those of others. It is intended as an artistic exploration of our stories. This work may evoke painful memories and it is recommended to seek professional therapy services as needed. That said, this space will be considered a safe place for all women to tell their stories, be witnessed and witness others.

**Alex Moore has been a facilitator of women’s circles for several years. She has studied several modalities in healing trauma and expanding consciousness. She is also a survivor of childhood emotional, mental and sexual abuse and is well aware of the complexities of the healing process. She is the facilitator of the group Leaving Abuse Behind Forever and leads a program for women who have experienced abuse. She is deeply committed to the deep healing of abuse and the gift our stories bring to this world. 

October 5-November 23, Saturdays, 10-12:00pm (8 weeks)
Rehearsal Hall, 8 student maximum
Tuition: $395

Advanced Improv Intensive | #348

Instructor: Heather Gibeson
Let’s make something beautiful!

This advanced class will be your introduction to Long Form Improv. Long Form is like creating your own sitcom live in front of an audience with short scenes connected by story, character and themes. We will explore one of the most popular forms of Long Form, the Harold. Long Form has the ability to create magic on stage when you engage with other improvisers in a real and honest way.  At the end of these workshops you will be able to perform a full length Harold. If you’re looking to take your improvisation to the next level than this is the class for you!

Prerequisites: 1 year of Improvisation or Acting Classes. 

November 19, 26, December 3, Tuesdays 5-8pm (3 weeks)  
GK Hardt Lobby, 15 student maximum
Tuition: $150


Juliet Noonan
Director of Education

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We understand that you may find a class is not what you expected, or that life circumstances may change after you enroll. If you choose to withdraw, you may submit written notification prior to the second class. A $35 processing fee will be applied to defer costs plus prorate for classes attended.  A check for the remaining balance will be sent in approximately two weeks  There will be no make-up classes or refunds for missed classes.