#101 Magical Play! Creative Dramatics for Young People (Ages 4-5)

Instructor: Alexandra Moore

Thursdays 2:45 – 3:45PM April 26  – May 31 (6 weeks) in the Rehearsal Hall

Combine circus, costumes and acting to create a magically playful after-school class to grow in confidence, communication and team building skills. In each class, students will creatively act out stories, play a world of imaginary characters, varying from modern popular dramas to international fables, in order to face heroic adventures, overcome mighty challenges and arrive at their own morals through improvised, colorful play. The class will end with a presentation open to friends and family. Through acrobatics, costumes, and storytelling, this is a magical class with a lot of joy! 

Tuition: $72.00

#201 Beg/Intermediate Improv for Youth (Ages 7-9)

Instructor: Juliet Noonan

Mondays 4:00PM - 5:00PM April 9 – May 28 (8 weeks) in the Rehearsal Hall

These are just a few of the aspects we will be exploring in this class as we navigate through the principles of Beginning and Intermediate Improvisation. This class invites students to become present, expand their creativity, learn collaboration and empathy, as well as develop the essential interpersonal skills and confidence as they express, create and PLAY! The class will culminate in a final 'improv show' performance for family and friends. 

Tuition: $120.00

#301 Intermediate Improv for Youth (Ages 10 - 12)

Instructor: Juliet Noonan

Tuesdays 4:00PM - 5:00PM April 10 – May 29 (8 weeks) in the Rehearsal Hall

Let’s go beyond the Basics!
Students will utilize learned skills in developing characters and creating objects and environments through a series of fun and engaging classes! This class will go beyond the beginning basics of improvisation by the utilization of Long Form Improv and the key concepts of “Yes, and…” Students will also expand on the concepts learned in class by creating scenes based on improvisations. The class will culminate in a final 'improv show' performance for family and friends. 

Tuition: $120.00

#401 Adventures in Theater for Youth (Ages 8-12)

Instructor: Alexandra Moore

Thursdays 4 – 5:30PM  April 26 – May 31 (6 weeks) in the Rehearsal Hall

Improvisation. Clowning. Juggling. Scene Writing. Explore many forms of theater!
This comprehensive class is based in the basics of improvisation and team building, and will include units in clowning and scene writing. This class encourages students to take risks, play, and explore whilst building skills in collaboration and self-confidence, through humor, costumes, and story-telling, this is a magical class with a lot of joy! This class will culminate in a final presentation on May 31 for friends and family.

Tuition: $135.00

Theatre Field Trip: Backstage Tour (1st Grade - High School)

Instructor: One of our esteemed instructors or staff members

Monday - Friday, 2-hour tour TBA between 10:00 am and 2 pm.

This tour is designed to give a special peak 'behind the curtain'.  Your tour guide will also share exciting facts and stories touching on major developments of theatre from Greek to Modern.  You will visit our two theatre spaces, costume shop, scene shop, dressing rooms, light and sound booth, and end up onstage with a 20-minute theatre improv experience.

Tuition: $300.00 (Maximum of 30 students)


Bridge Program: Schools to 6th St Playhouse, 6th St Playhouse to Schools!

Instructor:  One and/or two of our esteemed instructors

Time and day: 2 to 3 hours of instruction TBA between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm at 6th Street Playhouse or your classroom

In our ongoing interest to inspire our youth in the vital importance of theatre, we have designed this unique format to fit your needs.  We will work with your school to create a thorough theatre experience.  The possibilities for programming are endless and will be designed to fit into your curriculum. 

To inquire, call or email Lennie Dean, Education Associate, at education@6thstreetplayhouse.com or 707-523-4185, ext 122

Tuition: $300.00 - $500.00



Lennie Dean
Education Associate

(707)523-4185 ext.122 (message box only)

How to Register:

Click to download fill-in registration form

  • Mail completed registration form to
    52 W 6th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.
  • Fax completed registration form to
    707 523-3544.
  • In person during box office hours
    1:00 - 4:00 Tuesday - Friday, or
    11:00 - 2:00 Saturday.


Classes require a 50% deposit at registration.  Tuition is due in full by the first day of class.  Limited scholarships and payment plans are available (Scholarship Application); contact education@6thstreetplayhouse.com




We understand that you may find a class is not what you expected, or that life circumstances may change after you enroll. If you choose to withdraw, you may submit written notification prior to the second class. A $25 processing fee will be applied to defer costs plus prorate for classes attended.  A check for the remaining balance will be sent in approximately two weeks  There will be no make-up classes or refunds for missed classes.