One-day Workshops

Improvisation Intensives | #505 & #605

Instructor: Matlock Zumsteg & Franco Tevini

Learn how to think quickly on your feet and weave engaging stories!
Listening. Saying yes. Being present in the moment. Failing big, getting back up, and being proud that you tried. No matter who you are, having these skills will unlock your creative potential and allow you to work with others to make something great. Through games and short vignettes inspired by simple prompts, you’ll gain the experience necessary to think and respond spontaneously, whether it’s in performance or in life. At the end of the class you’ll have a chance to perform in front of a live audience.

June 16, Saturday 12:30–4:30 PM (4 hours) #505
July 21, Saturday 12:30–4:30 PM (4 hours) #605
Studio Theatre, 15 student maximum
Tuition: $85

Characterization through Masks | #405

Instructor: Jared Sakren

Don the mask and discover new depths to building believable characters.

For the first time ever, renowned master teacher Jared Sakren—who has taught such acclaimed actors as Frances McDormand, Annette Bening, Mary-Louise Parker, and Christopher Noth—is offering this unique mask workshop right here in the North Bay.

We tend to rely on facial expressions to communicate our emotions, and as a result we cut off acting impulses to the rest of the body. By putting on a theatrical mask and taking away the “crutch” of facial expressions, you’ll see how quickly the body becomes very expressive and a simple tilt of the head, a slump of the shoulders, or a rhythm of movement can have an enormous impact on the way a character comes to life. You’ll learn how to release your imagination to create surprising, compelling, and original characters on stage.

Mask work is generally only offered as part of a professional training program.

July 14, Saturday 1–5 PM (4 hours)
Rehearsal Hall, 15 student maximum
Tuition: $125

Introduction to Viewpoints | #406

Instructor: Lillian Myers

The essentials of a performance method that revolutionized contemporary theater.

Among the many methods of devising physical theater and creating dynamic stage compositions, Viewpoints stands out as one of the innovative—and most effective. The method, developed by Anne Bogart in New York, has proven so useful that it is now absolutely necessary for any practitioner of modern theater or dance to become acquainted with it. And if you’re not a performer, you’ll still find immense value in the skills that Viewpoints will help you hone: focus, intuition, awareness, and more.

July 15, Sunday 1–6 PM (5 hours)
Rehearsal Hall, 12 students maximum
Tuition: $95

The Shakespeare Workshop | #407

Instructor: Jared Sakren

Demystifying the Shakespearean Monologue.

This workshop is a comprehensive and practical overview of Shakespeare’s work that will prove valuable to any actor interested in performing classical theater. Renowned master teacher Jared Sakren will guide you through the vital elements of performing the Bard’s words: language and literary techniques, character development, prose vs. verse and meter, narrative arcs and auditioning with Shakespearean monologues. Come prepared with a memorized Shakespeare monologue of about two minutes in length.

July 28, Saturday 1–5 PM (4 hours)
Studio Theatre, 12 student maximum
Tuition: $125


Why Is That So Funny? | #303

Instructor: Lillian Myers

Ready to get serious about being funny?

Love laughing? Love making people laugh? Then come and immerse yourself in the world of physical comedy in this insanely fun, hands-on course inspired by the work of renowned comedian John Wright (UK). You’ll learn how to create tension, utilize rhythm, and develop an instinct for comedic timing. Then you’ll get on your feet and try out some physical humor with improv games, and even juggling.

June 4–July 23, Mondays 7–9 PM (8 Weeks)
Studio Theatre, 12 student maximum
Tuition: $245

Awakened Acting | #302

Instructor: Brian Glenn Bryson

An innovative class about the impact of your presence.

Whether you’re onstage with a scene partner, in the kitchen with your family, or out with your friends, every interaction you have with another person is an opportunity to practice empathy and awareness. This class will help you be mindful of the effect your presence has on those around you and give you the tools to create positive environments, both on and off the stage. At the end of the class you’ll have a chance to perfrom in front of a live audience.

July 8–August 26, Sundays 7–9 PM (8 weeks)
Studio Theatre, 12 student maximum
Tuition: $245


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