Boeing Boeing

By Marc Camoletti

Translated by Beverley Cross, and Francis Evans

Directed by Carl Jordan

This hilarious, door-slamming, sexy, 1960s French farce adapted for the English speaking stage tells the story of self-styled Parisian playboy, Bernard, who has  entangled himself with THREE fiancĂ©es!  One a spicy, passionate Italian; the second a dominatingly-spirited German; and the third a sex-kitten-ish American - each a beautiful airline hostess on rotating flight schedules, which helps Bernard keep "One up, one down and one pending" - that is, until Boeing introduces the new 747, which syncs the schedules and brings all three to Paris, and to Bernard's apartment, at the same time for the ultimate, laugh-out-loud Layover!  Mix in Bernard's dour, dry-humored house keeper and an unexpected visit by his childhood best friend, Robert (who ends up juggling all three ladies while Bernard ducks and covers) - and you have the itinerary for one crazy bit of comic turbulence!  Don't miss this flight


Boeing, Boeing (Harry Duke, For All Events) 

"If only all journeys were as pleasant as this." (Patrick Thomas, 

GK Hardt Theatre

Feb 21 - Mar 9, 2014


SATURDAY 3/15  8:00 P.M.

SUNDAY 3/16  2:00 P.M.