Our Current Status

A note about the fire and the Playhouse:

While most of us at the Playhouse are ok, our community is not. Right now our first concern is for those, and in particular members of our staff and board, our theater artists and the many patrons who lost loved ones, homes, workplaces, jobs, schools, pets, memories and a way of life.   

We know a key to recovery is getting back to normal – whatever that might be – as soon as possible. And live theater, enjoyed with other people, can have a positive healing effect.   

While the Playhouse did not suffer physical damage, we did experience a significant loss of revenue from cancelled shows and light attendance. We’re doing everything we can to ‘put on the show’ but frankly it’s a bit of a struggle.  

Many have been asking how you can help.  Here are a few suggestions:   

Tell everyone you know about our shows – you are our best and most cost effective advertising. 

Add a contribution when you purchase your tickets online (desktop only) or by phone.  If everyone gives a little, it will mean a lot.

6th Street Playhouse has faced and survived some challenges in the past, but they were nothing compared to what we are facing now. We are planning, as we write this, a strategy to overcome the disaster, but we can’t survive in the short term without your help. Please come to the theatre, see the shows, buy concessions, donate whatever you can. We want to be here for another season or two, and into the future.